Consultation - please complete before your appointment (48 hours)
Have you tested positive for Corona virus or been in contact with someone with Corona Virus within the past 14 days?
Have you been tested for Corona Virus and currently awaiting results? If yes, please rebook your appointment
Do you have any of the following symptoms?
Have you been in contact with anyone within the last 14 days who is displaying symptoms of corona virus? If yes, please rearrange your appointment.

Please read and tick below to accept understanding:

Whilst every effort will be taken to make the treatment environment as safe as possible, please be aware of the risks involved if you live with anyone who is classed as vulnerable. PPE will be worn as required by our stylists but you are responsible for bringing your own, such as face coverings. 

Please be aware that we can only allow one client per stylist. Unless the appointment is for a child/ client who requires a carer etc. you must not bring any additional visitors to the salon during the time of your appointment.

We have arrival guidance. Please read and understand this before you attend your appointment. 

I confirm to the best of my knowledge, the answers I have given are correct and I have not withheld any information that may be relevant to my treatment. I certify that the preceding details are true and correct.

I am aware that it is my responsibility to inform my stylist/therapist of my current and ongoing medical or health conditions and to update this history where necessary.

I am also aware, this information is essentialfor my Stylist/ Therapist to execute appropriate treatment procedures.

I understand that failure to disclose information requested above may result in harm to others to which I accept full responsibility/liability.

I will follow all guidance and requests that my therapist asks of me and will be respectful of the environment for them and others using it. 

Thank you for completing. If you have any concerns at all that you may have, or may be at risk of contracting Corona Virus, please get in touch to re-schedule your appointment.