Creative Colouring Services

Colour Melange - the ultimate blend!
We are proud to offer the LK Melange, the next step of balayage. This service gives the ultimate blend with subtle grow out, so maintenance is low but the impact is stunning!
Price from £160 (includes all colour, cut, toning and olaplex)

Traditional Balayage 
(Price is for one bleach lightening service and includes one toner and blow dry)
Down to mid arm: £85
Between mid arm and elbow: £100

Additional toning: £15
Add root smudge: £10
Add infill Colour: £10
Add Olaplex: £15

Add cut: £15

Creative Colour and Colour Correction
We are confident with all aspects of creative and correction work. Due to the individual nature of this service from client to client ,we will only give prices upon consultation. All consultations are free and for new clients will need to be no later than 48 hours before your appointment so we can complete that all important patch test!


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