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Kelly V

Head Stylist and Salon Owner

Hi, I'm Kelly V. I describe myself as Tenacious, Quirky and Inventive. 

My greatest achievements include founding Pixal-Rose Hair Design, starting my own product line 'Fluffy Jim's Hair Care and co-founding the Queen Bee Academy with Jenny. 

As head Pixalette, I'm very proud to have such a hard working team who take care of each other through thick and thin. 

In the salon, I love getting stuck in with technical colour work or a wicked restyle. 

For more about my world in hair, follow me on youtube: Pixal Rose Kelly

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Head Stylist

My name is Jenny and I describe myself as Trustworthy, Courageous and Passionate. 

My biggest achievements include my three beautiful children and following my dream of becoming a hairdresser. 

I love being part of the Pixal-Rose team, we are more than work colleagues, we are family. Each of us brings something different and together we support, reassure and encourage each other. 

My favourite thing to do in the salon is a colour correction. When someone walks in hating their hair and trust me to make it beautiful...... that's a great feeling. 

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Beautician and Apprentice Hair Stylist

Hi, I'm Beth. I describe myself as Kind, Loyal and Inspirited. 

My biggest achievement was deciding to travel!

I love being a Pixalette because the team are like a second family to me. i know they will be there for me through the best and worst as I would be for them! They are the loveliest people you could meet and they make everyday feel like I'm not going to work. 

It's hard to choose a favourite thing I do in the salon so I'll cheat and say both a beauty and hair role:
- Love washing hair. Sounds bizarre but clients look forward to to having their hair washed and I enjoy giving them scalp massages. 
- I also love creating nail art! Especially when clients come and challenge me. 

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Gemma Marie

Senior Stylist

My name is Gemma and I'm confident, passionate and loyal.

My greatest achievement is my daughter, Jasmine. 

I love being a Pixalette because it's amazing to be a part of a friendly, kind and supportive team. I'm able to take my hairdressing career further, learn new things, become more creative, meet new people and do something I love all in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

You can follow my hairdressing journey on Facebook Gemma Marie at Pixal Rose or Instagram Gemmamariepixalrose

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Senior Stylist


I'm Emy and I am a Professional, People Person!!! 

My biggest achievement is my son.

I'm proud to be a Pixalette because I'm part of such a caring family. These empowering ladies want to make the world a better place and I love being there beside them. 

My favourite thing to do in the salon is a (gentle) bleach out!! Give me a colour correction and we will make a game plan!

It's also great meeting new clients and having a good old catch up with regulars!! I love hairdressing, it's my passion... hair is art. 

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Graduate Stylist


Hey! I'm Rhiannon and I'd describe myself as outgoing, determined and creative!

My biggest achievement I'd have to say would be my son, Ezra.

I started hairdressing straight out of school and then went on to work on Cruise Ships as a singer. A decade later and I'm re-training as a hairdresser under the watchful and most amazingly encouraging eye of our chief in charge, Pixalette ,Kelly V.

Having struggled with Alopecia since the age of 6, I think it's so important to make anyone who walks in our doors feel welcome and comfortable, because from experience I know that's not always what happens. 

I'm super stoked to continue my journey alongside this fun group of women and help bring confidence to any woman, man or child and make them feel a million bucks. 

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I've been described as Passionate, Commited and Thoughtful. 

My biggest achievements are my son and daughter .

I'm proud to be a Pixalette because they are a commited group of girls who are so caring and supportive and will always have time for you. Whether it's colleagues, friends or clients, every person is treated with enthusiasm and passion. 

I work behind the scenes on the Facebook page. I enjoy liaising with our clients and helping them as much as I can to make their experience with Pixal-Rose as enjoyable and as smoothly as possible. I am also on hand to help out with the workshops as a hair model - which is great because I love having my hair played with.