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Christmas Hair Up Tutorial!

Be Christmas party ready with this simple hair up look that you can do at home! :D

Continue reading for the step by step of how to achieve this... and don't forget to take a photo and share how you got on! Tag us on instagram or facebook! and use hashtag #PixalRoseChristmas

1. Step one, brush through hair and remove any tangles.

Pro tip : spray a small amount of hairspray on your hairbrush before brushing to stop static and flyaways!

2. Section off the hair into 2 sections, from top of ears down to the nape gather the hair to one side of the head and secure with an elastic. Plait this section on the hair and secure.

3. Smooth down the top section of the hair and bring to the back of the crown. Gather the hair so that the section sits diagonally to the first plait. without securing the top of the hair, plait down the hair and secure with an elastic at the bottom.

4. Wrap the first plait around itself to create a rose shape. and secure with hair pins.

5. Bring the second plait down and around the first. Secure with pins and tuck the loose ends behind the gathered plaits to hide.

6. Finish off the look by smoothing the hair leading into the plait using hairspray. You can add a hair decal or slide into the look if you would like to! Add hairspray and hair pins as needed to keep the style in place for your evening!

If you enjoyed this hair tutorial and would like us to share more please let us know! Don't forget to share with us any photos of you rocking this look this Christmas and don't forget to hashtag #PixalRoseChristmas

Merry Christmas!


Pixal-Rose Hair Design

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