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Cruelty Free Hairdressing – Why It's Important. This is the story of Liberty the Bunny

Updated: May 22, 2018

So, at this point, many of you are aware that I'm a vegan hairdresser. I'm against using products which have been tested on animals, meaning I abstain from investing in any company that sell their products to China (where law states, products MUST be tested on animals to be sold in the Chinese market) – but I guess I've never told you why I do what I do. Well, of course, it's for the animals, I love them to the point I don't include them in my diet and exclude any products created by them, but I actually have a deeper connection. Having taken in rescued pet rats in the past, I was always aware that these beautiful creatures were subjected to lab experiments for human benefit which always kept me from wanting to buy the latest 'amazing' make up or hair products from global brands. I couldn't possibly betray my pets like that (that's how it would have felt). So I sit having read through a good friend's facebook page, who has recently adopted a bunny, feeling inspired to write this blog. However, this adoption story has a slight twist to others you would have heard before, as Liberty, the adopted bunny, has been rehomed from a life of hell. Liberty is an ex-laboratory rabbit and I want to intoduce her to help you understand why I feel so passionate about my work and to encourage you to think twice about that non-cruelty free purchase.......

Although, the beautiful Liberty now lives a spoiled life with some gorgeous floppy eared friends – she is still overcoming the shadows of her past. Her new carer Tony reports of how she suffers with a head tilt, shakes when picked up, shows signs of fear when it's time to be taken to her evening bedroom quarters and is even displaying symptoms of hearing and eyesight loss (most likely repercussions of her former life). It's important to mention that Liberty was unlikely to have been used in cosmetic testing because Europe banned such practice in 2014 (but this of course doesn't stop companies paying for these tests to happen in importing countries to boost their profits) but some of the brutal experiments she would haveendured and the conditions in which she would have been kept would be extremely similar.

Kept in baron prisons, animals just like Liberty often live in solitude, only receiving minimal contact when they are to be monitored or used in experiments. Experiments such as the harrowing LD50 test (aka the Lethal Dose 50) which involves a group of cats, dogs or small animals being forcefed a chemical via injection, inhalation, or tubes to the stomach. This test continues until 50% of the participants are deceased in order to determine the 'lethal dose' of specific product – as you would have guessed, this is how the experiment gets it's name. As a non-discriminatory industry, it's easy to imagine that the animals kept for these experiments could easily be our own dog, cat or rabbit – just like Liberty. And even if these animals do escape the industry and are seen fit to be rehomed, these animals are unlikely to leave their past behind them.

Tony explains: 'I do not pick her (Liberty) up anymore because of her association with pain caused by humans when picked up. I love her but her problems break my heart'

Liberty is one of the lucky ones (to use the phrase lightly), as she somehow found her way to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, where Tony of Animal Equality met and fell in love with her. She is now free to enjoy her new life where she can recover and give a face to a very hidden and corrupt industry. I'm sure we can all agree, animal testing is redundant but as long we create a demand for some of these global brands, it will continue to be a problem. With many cruelty free alternatives available, there's no need to miss out on any of your favourite products (non-expensive ones too). The easist thing to do is to look for the leaping bunny and Please think of Liberty when doing so. It's super easy to make the switch, just look at me, I've built an entire business on it and I'm happy to help anyone transition to a cruelty free life so please do get in touch.

Tony says: 'What we do to these animals is beyond madness. We cause so much damage and devastation for our own use and pleasure'

And I couldn't have put it better myself. Go cruelty free!

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