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Hairdressing and Chemicals! What should we put in our hair?

It was a few months ago at a vegan fair in Frome where I met this guy from Greenpeace. He offered me a free Polar Bear sticker (I love Polar Bears) so he instantly grabbed my attention and it wasn't long before we were talking about recycling, products going into landfill and also the chemicals going into our water systems. I left that event with my brain thinking about all the things I'm putting down the drain and the materials I'm putting into landfill due to product contamination (leaving it unable to be recycled).

Chemicals have been in the back of my mind since I began working with Tame the Mane in Bristol as Lara knows her stuff and regularly highlights the baddies such and sulphates and parabens which are put into our products. Not just this, companies can encourage us to use products in larger quantities, more often than we should (possibly so we run out faster and buy more?) - but the reality is, we are coating our hair with plastic from shampoos and sprays in a never ending quest to have shiny manageable hair. Is this a bad thing? Well, it's never a bad thing to invest in your hair but I do find more regularly clients are coming to me complaining that their hair won't hold curls, it gets greasy too quickly, it's limp, it's unmanageable and I do believe this comes from weighing our hair down with too much of the wrong thing.

Myself included!

My hair is fine and I would often make the mistake of piling hairspray through my locks to hold it in place - except I'd get from the bedroom to the front door and my hair would be a flat mess in less time than it took to put my lippy in my handbag. What I was actually doing was weighing it down with heavy chemicals. Also, remember that hairspray is a finishing product, not a styling product, so should really only be used once the hair is in place.

I now favour salt sprays, dry shampoo and a bit of old fashioned backcombing to get my hair in place. It's ok to use dry shampoo even when your hair is clean to add a bit of 'oomph' and because it's applied at the root, it doesn't coat the entire hair shaft. Bonus!!

As for chemicals going down the drain and recyclable packaging, Pixal-Rose Hair Design has now opted to include Oway products in the salon. Oway are made with sustainably sourced ingredients and use packaging which is infinitely recyclable. They also exclude some of the nasty chemicals we see in other hair colourants so it's slightly less awful to put into our water systems - and of course, cruelty free and vegan friendly too!

Need help with your styling products? send me a message! I'm always happy to chat. Let's have more good hair days!

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