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INSIGHT Smoothing System

We have a new system in the salon!! The Insight Smoothing System improves the texture of frizzy hair, giving it a soft and silky touch. Once you have had the system you will find your hair is easier to comb and your drying and straightening time is reduced! Ideal for wavy hair, the formulas are enriched with a smoothing complex based on fermented oils, with a moisturising and anti-frizz effect.

For best results, on your first treatment we ask you to purchase the take home shampoo & mask which will help you to maintain your look at home. Once these have been purchased they will last for several follow up treatments. So you will not need to purchase these after every Smoothing system service with us!

Aftercare: You will not be able to wash your hair for 48 hours following the service! If you do this could wash out the system and stop you from getting the desired results. We also recommend that you not wear your hair up for 48 hours as kinks could form. You shouldn't have your hair coloured within 2 weeks before or after the service - the products can lighten previously coloured hair so we recommend you wait 2 weeks until after the service to have your colour topped up!

WARNING! You will find your hair is super soft and smooth and you will not be able to stop touching it! Other people will also want to touch your hair, it will be irresistible!

To find out more about the service, to book for a consultation or to see what other services we have call the salon on 01793487964

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