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Semi-Permanent Hair Colour - How and when to use them

To clear this up, a semi-permanent colour is one which comes directly from the bottle and applied to the hair for development. Usually associated with bright fashion colours (but with natural tones available), these are great, affordable additions to your hair routine which last anything from one to twenty washes (and beyond, depending on your hair type). Not just useful to change your hair colour for a short period, they are also very versatile with their other capabilities:

So here's my little guide – how and when to use semi permanent hair dyes:

1/ Is your hair excessively damaged? Continual chemical processes (generally colour) can be quite exhausting on the hair and as a stylist I have refused permanent colour services in favour of semi permanent to help protect and restore the condition of the customer's hair. Although there is no getting away from the fact, hair dyes are chemicals, both demi-permanent and permanent have peroxides in them to give them extra staying power. Semi-permanent dyes do not require the use of this chemical, making it a lesser strain on the hair. Although you cannot lighten the hair, to go darker or add some vibrancy with fashion colours such as purple, these are great for experimenting and for preventing too much damage.

2/ Colour maintenance!!! If you are taking the plunge into a big, permanent colour change then semi-permanents are great to help you maintain your investment at home. Especially when entering the world of the instagram favourites like vibrant purple, blue, peach etc having a bottle of semi-permanent colour in the cupboard is a must to ensure your help keep your beautiful locks looking bright!! Although labelled as permanent, shades such as purple have a habit of fading very quickly and often leave the client dissapointed and disheartened. And you needn't have to worry about messy colour application and development times, the easiest way to use a semi-permanent dye this way is add a small amount to your regular (colour friendly!!!) shampoo or conditioner. This way, you will be depositing small amounts of colour particles into your hair each time your shampoo.

3/ Toning. This one really is for those who know what they are doing. Not for the amatuer colour user. When lightening your hair towards the higher hair bases and when going blonde, hair often displays unwanted shades such as yellow, gold or orange (in rare circumstances, you may even experience green!) and these will need removing from the hair. In this circumstance, I'd highly recommend speaking with your stylist who can professionally do this for you without risk. However, if budget is tight, your stylist is unavailable or you're feeling confident then you can use a semi-permanent to create your own toner. To do this, start by adding a tiny amount of purple or blue into your shampoo (not the entire bottle as you don't want colour build up which eventually turns your hair blue). Use the shampoo as normal, leaving on the hair for a minute of two. If you do not see the desired effect then perhaps try adding slightly more colour but be careful!!!

note: to remove unwanted green shades, use red to cancel out the cool tones. So there we have it. A little chat about hair dye.

Any questions? Please always feel free to message me. Consultations are always free :)

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