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The 6 - 8 Week Haircut Rule!!

So, you're at the hairdressers having your usual service and engage in a lengthy conversation with your stylist explaining that you're trying to grow your hair. At the end of the service, you pay your bill and your hairdresser asks

'Shall we book you next haircut in 6 weeks?'

What? Was she even listening? Why on earth would I cut my hair if I'm trying to grow it?

Now, it may seem that your stylist is simply on auto-pilot, ensuring the diary is full, however there is strong logic behind the 6 to 8 week rule and your hairdresser will have your best interests at heart. So many times, clients have sat in my chair, exclaiming their delight at the length of their locks - growth they achieved by NOT visiting a salon for a haircut for 6 - 12 months. Imagine how shocked they are when we then have to break the news that several inches of hair should be removed from their mane.

The truth is, you need to trim your hair to protect the hair cuticle and prevent it from splitting. If the cuticle of your hair splits, there is nothing you can do to repair it. Most clients who refuse hair cuts in favour of growth, often have lengthy split ends which create an uneven length and also a mass of damage which will have to be removed to return the hair to a healthy condition. Maintaining an appointment every 6 - 8 weeks will prevent this type of damage and really help you achieve those long luscious locks you're hoping for.

Is there anything we can do to minimise damage between cuts? I hear you ask! Of course.

Damage to the hair is caused by everyday wear and tear - living in the UK we all know how the weather takes it's toll and is fairly unpredictable. Stay one step ahead! give your hair plenty of nourishment with conditioning hair masks once a week (if possible). Maria Nila has an awesome range of conditioning treatments and have ranges to suit most hair types. My clients love them.

Aside from battling the natural elements, there's those things we do to ourselves. We play with our hair, brush our hair (and if you're like me you rip through those knots) and heat style our poor locks with straighteners, curlers and hairdryers. Consider adopting a heat protector spray into your styling regime and think of ways to swap out heat styling where possible - how about Velcro rollers to create volume and curl for that big night out (avoiding the stress of a curling wand)? If you find yourself bored at work, twiddling your hair between your fingers, STOP! get yourself a stress ball and use that to keep idle hands busy.

But in reality, one of the most important things to do, is to arrange that trim. It's the best investment you can really make for your hair.

At Pixal-Rose Hair Design, flexible locations and appointments are available to suit you, so get in touch today to discuss your hair care regime.

We look forward to hearing from you xxxx

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