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Thinking about changing your hairstyle? Let's talk about it!!

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Requesting a hair change can be scary. Even as a hairdresser myself, I sometimes feel like I could benefit from a new style or colour and then back out through fear of not liking what I choose. Although our hair is often our most defining feature (and straying from the norm is a radical venture) in reality, we have to remember that hair grows and colour can be changed (within reason), so worst case scenario, if you do feel uncomfortable with your choices, it only has to be temporary.

So, let's start with one of the most common things I hear:

'I want to go for a big change, but I'm not sure about it'

Clients are often unsure of a big change because they worry how their facial features will stand out (usually a fear of forehead exposure or revealing some non-existent big ears we are all sure we possess). Also, let's be honest, good hair makes us feel great and loosing that feeling through a bad haircut decision is a pretty daunting thought. But girls, where would we be in life if we didn't take risks? And who knows, this could be the best decision you make this year!! And why be scared of your facial features? they are beautiful after all.

So what are the contributing factors to wanting the 'big change'?:

- Fashion (A well know celeb has gone for a new look and naturally the fans want to follow suit)

- Convenience (A new baby or busy lifestyle can prompt ladies to opt for something more manageable)

- A re-vamp (clients who have always kept to the same hairstyle and now want to go for something completely different)

All of the above are valid and common reasons for wanting to get rid of some (or all) of your length and as long as you've thought it through, awesome!! Why not turn to our idols for inspiration? and what's the point in having long hair if all it does is sit tied up in an old hair elastic?

So when my clients talk to me about having the chop I'm all for it, cutting hair is a passion of mine and I have been part of some fantastic transformations - but even I have a go-to check list which is super helpful to consider. Let's discuss:

Number one on the list is to think whether or not you take the time (or will find the time) to do your hair at home. Styles which contain many layers can have a mind of their own when not tamed with a styling tool of some description. Personally, I'm a massive fan of layers as they give personality to any style as well as volume so they aren't something to be scared of, you just have to embrace them.

Number two is to ask yourself, are you able to take the time out to pamper yourself and visit your stylist? (you really should, check out my blog the 6-8 week haircut rule). I really enjoy going to see my hairdresser as it's nice to take time to sit, have an uninterrupted cup of tea and feel better about myself. This is also important as I possess a short choppy style where the layers take on a mind of their own every 6 - 8 weeks and need putting back in their place (they can also get a bit singed from my hair straighteners).

Number three, styling products - get some in stock because you are going to have the best fun ever with new hair ups, movement and choppiness. Maria Nila have a fantastic salt spray which is good for a bit of movement between the layers and a awesome styling spray to keep your new do in shape.

So now you're all clued up, what are you waiting for?

Still have a few questions? No problem. Come see us at Pixal-Rose for a free consultation. We'll talk you through all you need to know.

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