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This isn't about hair - but more about our new exciting Ambassador role (so read it anyway!!!)

It’s been just over one year since I quit the job I didn’t like. My old employer was a Government organisation which was office based, a job in which I thought I could ‘make a difference’. During the three years spent sat behind a desk, waiting for someone to recognise my potential, I was also working as a part time hairdresser to help pay the bills. My dream has always been to combine my passion for animals with the work that I do but not for one minute did I think that hairdressing would create that route for me.

February 2018, I finally found the courage to leave the office environment and become a full-time vegan hairdresser.

‘A VEGAN HAIRDRESSER?’ exclaimed my colleagues and friends.

And I understood their reservations. Crazy when you think about it. I wanted to create a hairdressing service that would exclude the use of many of the mainstream brands because they simply weren’t vegan and condoned animal testing.

Step 1 – was to first of all find a salon which would allow me to rent a chair and use the products I wanted to, rather than the ones they promoted. Lucky for me, I found an amazing place which allowed that and helped me to build a client base.

Step 2 – convince a brand to sell their products to a one-(wo)man band, rent a chair hairdresser!!! (Most of the larger brands prefer to sell to salons)

As someone who spent three years doing the same job, with the same company, I thought I would amount to nothing. I gave myself three months to make the hairdressing career work as a full-time concept but in reality, it was in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t be long before someone realised I had no idea what I was doing and I’d have to take another job to pay the bills. Turns out, passion and determination can really take you places and in less than 12 months, I went from a rent a chair hairdresser to opening my first vegan salon – ‘Pixal-Rose Hair Design’

The concept is simple: No animal should be harmed for your hair!

And it’s one thing to provide great hair services for our clients (without any animal exploitation) but we really were keen to venture one step further to help our furry friends (which is why many of you would have seen the fundraising events we have created in the salon). So, imagine how excited we were when something amazing came of our efforts…………. We have been asked to become ambassador to Animal Justice Project….. and of course, we accepted!!!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the organisation, Animal Justice Project are relatively new, founded in just 2014 to campaign against animal experiments, or ‘vivisection’ (better known as animal testing to the public). The unique thing about Animal Justice Project is that they have found a niche and cover an area not really touched upon by other non-profit organisations, focusing on areas where they can make the most change for animals (predominantly educating University students in non-animal methods of testing).

With nearly 2million animal experiments taking place in British Universities each year, we are keen to get on board with change and are excited to help AJP with their forthcoming campaigns. Despite the grim nature of their work, the reason we have chosen to support and be Ambassadors of Animal Justice Project is because of they are very much on the side of the public and take a non-aggressive stance with what they do. The incredibly intelligent team running the organisation know that we need to change both the hearts and minds of humans in order to help animals in laboratories. To do this, AJP offer friendly and positive advice, a hotline, and free resources to make student’s journeys through University, a compassionate one. And this is just one part of what they do! Want to know more? (I thought so) go check out their website

We are proud to stand beside such an ethical and driven organisation who share the same values and we thank them for recognising our passion. Hairdressing is an exciting and creative industry to be a part of it and to exclude the use of animals has been really quite simple and satisfying. We’re excited to show everyone, just how easy cruelty-free living can be.

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