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Vegan Hair Styling - my top five!!

Many of my clients don't live a vegan lifestyle (which is cool!!) but are completely shocked when I tell them that most salon brands are still testing on animals. Any brand which is global and selling in China are sadly allowing their products to be tested on animals, as this practice is mandatory to sell your products on the Chinese market. This is a little known fact (as most companies don't want to shout about it – understandably) but one I think people should be more aware of as I'm sure we can all agree, animal testing is redundant!

So, here are my fave five products that I'm loving at the moment. All vegan, all cruelty free, none selling in China.

Number 1: Hmilk by Oway. We've all heard our stylists talk about Olaplex, a synthetic repair system, typically used during and after a colour treatment (I don't mind talking about Olaplex because it's vegan friendly and cruelty free), well I want to talk about Hmilk!. Hmilk is a more natural alternative, is just amazing and is my 'go to' product when I'm colouring my client's hair. It's made with cotton proteins, hibiscus oil and date oil and helps to replace missing proteins in the hair post colour (smells divine too). You can add this to any service at the salon or just treat yourself to a relaxing wash, cut and blow dry with Hmilk conditioning treatment. I'll even throw in a cup of tea!

Number 2: Beach Muk by Muk. Beach Muk is a salt spray by Australian company MUK. I'm all for reducing the chemicals on your hair and salt spray is a fantastic way to add texture and help style the hair without adding too many nasties. Beach MUK is an affordable offering and comes in quirky, non-plastic packaging. It adds texture to the hair for that 'just off the beach' look or helps create a bit of grip for those fancy up styles when your hair is being particularly silky (never silky when we want it to be though, eh?).

Number 3: Maria Nila Shampoo and Conditioner I guess this might count as two products but we always tend to shampoo and condition at the same time!! Maria Nila are a really forward thinking brand who have produced a great range of hair products, which are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and do not use parabens or sulphates. Sounds like the whole package right? I mean, yeah!! Positioned on the higher end of the market, they are more expensive than other brands but definitely worth the investment. They smell great, look great and work wonders on your hair.

Number 4: Arbonne gel spray: Arbonne are a mail order style company who have created a wide range of products. When I was first given the gel spray I was really confused by it. It comes in a cute purple spray bottle which spritzes the product onto your hair. Was it a hairspray? Was it a gel? Personally I think it's somewhere between the two and it has cornered a nice little niche in the market as a aerosol-free fixing spray. It's great to scrunch into the hair for a few waves and (once you've got the hang of it) it acts well as a finishing spray to a daytime up do (not sure if I would fully trust it to hold bridal or special occasion hair).

Number 5: Fluffy Jim's Hair Care. Not officially launched just yet, this company are rumoured to be producing the first ever dry shampoo and texture powder which contains natural ingredients AND formulated to be good for your hair. Anything chemical free and aerosol free gets my vote (as long as it's vegan and cruelty free obviously) and I'm super excited to get my hands on their goods.

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