Re-build(Repair and rebuild hair in two simple steps)

Try our two-step 'Re-Build' system, exclusively from Insight Professional, to repair and rebuild damaged hair. 

If you feel your hair has been excessively damaged from heat styling, chemical or colouring services, then 'Re-Build' is the system for you!!!! Using organic, extracts of Avocado Oil and Phytokeratin, this system not only helps to re-build the cortex of the hair, but also seals and repairs the hair cuticles, literally repairing the hair from inside out. 

The service:

Rebuild, step 1
STEP 1 – HAIR FILLER SERUM, the Hair Filler Serum is the first phase of the REBUILD treatment.

Rebuild, step 2
STEP 2 – HAIR CUTICLE SEALER, the Hair Cuticle Sealer is the second phase of the REBUILD treatment.

Relaxing head massage

Blow dry

straighten or curl finish

Just £45, add a cut for just £15