Our Plan to Re-open (only when the Government advises that it is safe - current schedule 4th July)

What you can expect from us:

- We will only book one client per stylist, however there may be occasions where senior stylists may have to assist our apprentice Beth with haircutting. In this instance ppe will be changed, equipment cleaned and Beth will be asked to step back. 
- Maximum of three stylists working at any one time

- Salon will be re-arranged to keep chairs as far apart as possible

- Sadly, the veils will be coming down from the mirrors for the time being as we simply cannot keep them clean between clients (we can turn your chair away from the mirror if you feel that will make your visit more comfortable) 

- No waiting area for the time being

- Service prices have increased, which has been a difficult decision. Please familiarise yourself with the service list.  

- We are increasing our opening hours and opening days to accommodate all clients as quickly as possible throughout July.

-  Please can we ask that you refrain from petting our salon dog, Jenna as germs can transfer on her coat (it's a toughie, we know).

- Full PPE will be worn, we will be masked, gowned, gloved (where possible) and remain as clean as possible. 

- A one way system will be encouraged. Arrive through the front door and you will be guided through to the back car park when you leave.

- Gaps of 15/20 minutes will be required between each client to ensure that we have time to clean between clients. 

- Appointments will be re-booked on a fair basis, with priority given to those who had appointments in the first instance. Once we are given the go-ahead to open, we will then ask you to secure your appointment with a £30 non-refundable deposit. We simply cannot afford no-shows.

- We are only booking nail appointments at present.

What we ask of you:

- Please bring your own PPE to the salon. We will have a spare stash for emergencies, but as much as possible please bring your own.

- We cannot book dry cuts for the forseeable. You will be required to book a wash cut and blow dry.
- Please book all appointments via phone, Facebook or re-book your next appointment at the end of your current visit. 

- Please bring your own refreshements and take any rubbish home with you. For the time being, we cannot provide refreshments. 

- In the case of colouring, please only wear clothing which is 'old' and you're not too fussed about soiling. We are hoping to have disposable capes for clients, but we're unsure of the integrity and in the case of any ripping or tearing during services, we would hate for any colour to get on your favourite top.

- Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait to be text/ called by your stylist to come in to the salon.

- If you do not arrive by car, we are seeking an alternative way for you to wait, which is likely to be an outside waiting space. 

- Please cleanse your hands upon arrival. Hand sanitiser will be available. 

- Please use your bathroom before leaving home. Our toilet will of course be available for you but we need to reduce use as much as possible. We will ask that you clean after you have used the facility. 

- Please only bring card payment. 

- Aside from Kid's cuts (or where a responsible adult/carer is needed), please come alone to your appointment.

- Pushchairs, Bikes etc will need to remain outside the salon as much as possible, again we are looking into using the enclosed courtyard at the back of the salon for safe storage. 

- Please do feel comfortable to alert us if you feel we could do things differently or if anything becomes uncomfortable for you during your visit. This is a new situation for all of us and we're always happy to receive feedback. 

Please do bear with us during this time. It's a massive learning curve and hopefully a short term protocol. I'm sure there will be ups and downs but we will do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possble.